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The members and partners of the ABF represent all areas of the economic, political, scientific and cultural life and actively promote the dialogue between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region: large corporations and medium-size businesses, ministries and associations, universities and research institutions, as wells as cultural institutions and independent individuals. They are engaged in an active dialogue between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and expand their opportunities and competences by sharing precisely those with others. They contribute to the success of the ABF through consultations, networking and cooperation and work closely together to achieve its tasks and objectives.

Advantages for members
  • Direct contact and enhanced cooperation with embassies, representatives of the private and the cultural sector in Asia

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation and active participation

  • Contribution to Berlin’s advancement as a central site for cooperation with Asia

Supporting membership
Supporting members support the ABF through outstanding measures and are rewarded by a prominent representation on our website.

Cooperation partnership
Public institutions and associations that may support the work of the ABF to a high degree are welcome to establish a cooperation partnership. This entitles members of the partners to participate in sessions and the general assembly, it does not include the right to vote however.

We are very grateful about donations which help us to promote further the cooperation between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

As we are a non-profit, the membership fee and any donations are not subject to VAT. A confirmation is issued upon request.

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